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Wow – with this off the cuff response, Terry Kemple totally pwns the United Coalition for “Reason”!

Terry Kemple, whose group was behind the 10 Christian billboards, criticized the United Coalition of Reason as “not having very much reason.” Kemple’s signs have decorated some of the busiest highways in the Tampa area. One billboard quotes George Washington as saying, “It is impossible to rightly govern the world without God and the Bible.”

Kemple argues, “It flies in the face of rationality to believe that we can live in this complex world we live in and not have some master designer who created it. [But] we live in America. It’s our privilege to put up inaccurate information.”

Read the rest here: Atheists Retaliate Against Christian Billboards. (emphasis mine!)

Will Terry Kemple be the most AWESOME School Board Member EVER?!?  Or WHAT?

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