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Terry Kemple’s words regarding evolution are put together so as to encompass the entire palette of  anti-Darwinist proofs and we can count on School Board Member Terry (fingers crossed!) to address this contentious issue with the same open mind for which he is rightfully praised by some people.

To ensure I don’t wallow in the same undefined morass as the Darwinists, “microevolution” would be the proven part of evolutionary theory that includes things like a bacterium becoming resistant to antibiotics and cows being bred to have more meat. “Macroevolution” is Darwin’s original theory that all life stems from a common single-celled ancestor.

Macroevolution is entirely unproven. It hypothesizes that our original “ancestor” went through a series of gradual changes that led to it becoming a new type of organism. It further hypothesizes that through thousands of iterations of this process, you and I are here today. There is no fossil evidence of this happening nor has it ever been replicated in the laboratory.

The sole purpose of the Academic Freedom Act that Storms introduced is to protect teachers and students from persecution if their investigation of evolution leads them to conclusions that differ with the “party line” as it’s stated in the standards.

Read the rest here: What’s The Fuss About Evolution?.

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