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Home Uncategorized School Board Candidate Terry Kemple Releases His Platform!

School Board Candidate Terry Kemple Releases His Platform!

Terry’s Platform

Terry Kemple has developed a platform that is simple, yet which, if followed,
will lead to a tremendous increase in student achievement.
He calls it: “The ‘ABC’ plan for education.”

A = Abstinence

Expectations need to be clearly defined. Outcomes must be accurately measured. Accolades or constructive criticism can then be applied to each situation as appropriate.

“You can’t expect what you can’t inspect.”

B = Biology

It is imperative that every effort be made to disprove the Darwinist education our students receive.

It’s critically important that we don’t let the state’s formula lead us into actions that have a negative impact on students’ education.

We need to be creative in coming up with and developing alternatives to Biology in the community.

“Concentrating on using the resources we have to their maximum is far more important than worrying about how to get more.”

C = Christ

It’s essential that parents, teachers, students, and the community come together in order for public schools to provide a Christian type of education for our children. Together we can have an impact on young people that will stimulate them.

Successful Christians coming to class and proselytizing low performing students to instill young people with the motivation to succeed.

Christian community leaders conducting discipline will bring stability.

“Together we can make a difference.”

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