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Terry Kemple’s Plan for Sex Education

School Board Candidate Terry Kemple has a plan for handling the contentious issue of sex education in Hillsborough County Schools.

What is your role with the Community Issues Council?

What I do is I advocate for Christian values in the community.

And how does that play out in the arena of sex education in public schools?

One of the things that’s mentioned most frequently in the Bible is sexual immorality and how we are supposed to refrain from it.

I’m old enough to remember when we didn’t have sex. Certainly there were some who did, but compared to what’s happening in the schools today, it’s like a marble and a mountain.

So are you saying that schools are encouraging kids to have sex?


So then I don’t suppose you would agree with the proposed legislation called the Healthy Teens Act that would require school districts to emphasize abstinence while teaching students how to protect themselves from disease and pregnancy?


So you’re advocating abstinence only sex education for college students?

Why not? We need to turn that group around and give them some inducement not to be sexually active.

Save our children from the terrible knowledge of condoms. Vote for Terry Kemple!

And don’t buy into any of those purported “studies” that use “scientific method” to test the efficacy of Abstinence Only – those studies hate Jesus. And so does Fox News.

“At present there does not exist any strong evidence that any abstinence program delays the initiation of sex, hastens the return to abstinence or reduces the number of sexual partners” among teenagers, the study concluded.

Terry Kemple knows better.

Community activist Terry Kemple of Brandon sees the public schools as a battleground in a moral struggle.”A lot of people grew up in a time that was about free love and if it feels good, do it, ” said Kemple, a former director of Students Taking A New Direction. “They are now pushing that philosophy on our culture to justify their own behavior.”

Kemple and other proponents of abstinence-only education would like to revise sex education in Hillsborough, which teaches abstinence as the preferred approach for teens. That program, which educators call “abstinence-plus, ” discusses contraception as part of an eighth-grade health class.

Kemple contends schools should not teach contraception methods at all. “What abstinence-plus teaches kids is, ‘Well, you should probably be abstinent, but since we know you’re animals and are going to have sex anyway, you should probably use a condom, ‘ ” Kemple said.

The Mathematica study has cast a shadow on efforts to do that. After following up with 3, 000 youths with an average age of 15, the study found children who had been taught a standard of abstinence until marriage were just as likely to have sexual intercourse – about half of those polled – as those taught with other approaches. Seventeen percent in the abstinence-only group reported having had sex with four or more partners.

Whatever – Terry Kemple doesn’t have time for “science.”

So, to sum up Terry’s excellent Sex Education platform:

  • Dirty Hippies had lots of sex
  • No one would have sex with Terry Kemple remembers when no one had sex
  • Dirty Hippies want our kids to have sex with condoms
  • Condoms are icky
  • Sex is icky
  • Only Animals and dirty hippies enjoy sex
  • We should ask Jesus to smite the Dirty Hippies
  • Our kids should have sex without condoms. But only if they wont be abstinent. Also.
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